With no background in education, veterans are taking control of their future, and building Tutor Doctor franchises to change their lives.

"My 27-year career in the Air Force instilled a very strong passion for educating others. As a Commander, I had instructors working one-on-one with over 100 student pilots every day and now as a Tutor Doctor franchisee, I have about 100 tutors working one-on-one to improve student’s lives every day! Being a Tutor Doctor franchisee has been an incredibly rewarding experience so far and I look forward to advancing my business to the next level."
Bob Rosedale,

3 Territories

Bob Rosedale will tell you that Tutor Doctor offers the opportunity to build a business that:
  • Allows you to leverage your military experience to continue your service in your community
  • Enables the freedom and flexibility to work from home
  • Utilizes a proven model that doesn't need to be created from scratch
  • Is aligned with your personal and financial goals, and
  • Will be fun, make money and change lives!

In this Free Tutor Doctor Franchise Report, you will learn about:

  • Why Tutor Doctor is the next best step for you
  • How the Tutor Doctor system enables you to work from home, enjoy more flexibility in your day-to-day life and still impact the lives of students in your community
  • The incredible potential of the private tutoring industry and why NOW is the best time for the right person to enter this space
  • How people leverage their backgrounds to find success with Tutor Doctor
  • What exactly it takes to be successful with Tutor Doctor - the skills, background and values you must have to build a successful Tutor Doctor business and change student's lives through Tutor Doctor's proven business model
  • How Tutor Doctor's model has propelled it to be the #1 in-home tutoring company in the world! Only the Tutor Doctor model provides the platform, training and support to build a business that will allow you to meet your personal and financial goals, allow you to work from home and enjoy making a difference in the lives of students.


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